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HER Story

Anyone who meets Tamika walks away with three evident impressions.  She has cloud 9 energy, genuinely cares for people, and loves fashion.  This is who she is and has been since she was a little girl, and is why she started Tamika Rich Styles.  Tamika Rich Styles is the fashion of living.  While selling fashion is part of the business, the real heart is helping others find their unique fashion profile. 

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HER Mission

"The Tamika Rich Styles mission is to empower women to align their inner selves with their outer appearance. By blending life transformation with personalized fashion coaching, we guide women in styling their lives from the inside out. We believe in not only looking good but feeling good, ensuring that the outside style genuinely matches and celebrates the authentic inside living."

HER Vision

The Tamika Rich Styles vision is to inspire women to embrace their true selves through a journey of self-discovery, confidence, and personal growth. By uniting life transformation with fashion, we guide women in facing their past, living authentically in the present, and building a future where their inside living is beautifully reflected in their outside style.

Bolinista Feature

Tamika of Blessed Her Life had the honor of being a featured Bolinista in the Yellow Cover Magazine by J. Bolin Celebrity Fashion Stylist and Expert! 

Read all about it below!

Tamika Rich

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